Back of Dragon with Wings

Back of Dragon with Wings

G hook, worsted weight yarn, tapestry needle, small amount of black.

Right Wing

R1: Ch 10, sc in 2nd from hook, ch 12

R2: Sc in 2nd from hook and next 10, sk sc in R1, sc 9.

R3: In Back loops only, sc 7, sc 3 tog, sc 9

R4: *[(Ch 4, sc in 2nd, hdc, dc) sk sc, sc]* 4x, sc 3 tog, rep * to * 3x. Fasten off.

Left Wing:

Work as Right wing, but in 3rd row, work in front loops only.


Lay both wings side by side with left wing ws up and right wing rs up. Sl st short ends together as shown.

Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings


1st half:

Ch 21

R1: Sc in 2nd and across. Ch 4, turn.

R2: Trc 3, Dc 6, hdc 6, sc 5, Ch 1, turn.

R3: Sc 4, [(Ch 4, sc in 2nd, hdc, dc) sk sc, sc] 2x, [(Ch 5, sc in 2nd, hdc, dc, trc) sk 2 sc, sc] 2x, [(Ch 6, sc in 2nd, hdc, dc, trc, dtrc (yo 3 times, ins into st, dr lp, yo, pull off 2 4x)) sk 3sc, sc], fasten off.

2nd half:

R1: Working in free loops of foundation ch and starting at short end, work as R1 of 1st half.

R2: Work R2 as 1st half, but before ch 1, sl st to end of R2 in 1st half.

R3: In sc under spikes in R3 of 1st half, sl st to connect 1st and second halves. Fasten off.


Ch 2

R1: 6 sc in 2nd from hook

R2: 2 sc in each st around

R3: (2 sc, sc) around

R4: Sc 2, (Ch3, sc in 3rd, sc 3, ch 3, sc in 3rd,) [Ears] sc around.

R5-8: Sc around

R9: Sc 2, (ch 4, sk 4 sc) [Muzzle], sc around.

R10-11: Sc around

R12: (Sc 2 tog, sc) around.

Fasten off.


Attach yarn in 1st skipped sc in head.

R1: Sc in 4 sk sc and ch 4.

R2-4: Sc around

R5: Sc 2 tog around

R6: Sc 2 tog around.

Fasten Off.


Ch 12

R1-3: Sc around – 12 sc

R4: (2 sc, sc) around – 18 sc

R5-8: Sc around – 18 sc

R9: (2 sc, sc 2) around – 24 sc

R10-12: Sc around – 24 sc

R13: (2 sc, sc) around – 36 sc

R14-16: Sc around – 36 sc

R17: (Sc 2 tog, sc 2) around – 27 sc

R18: (Sc 2 tog, sc) around – 18 sc

R19: (Sc 2 tog) around – 9 sc

R20: (Sc 2 tog, sc) around – 6 sc

R21: (Sc 2 tog) around

Fasten off.


Sew wings to high back of the body. Sew tail to low back of the body. Sew head to body. Stitch black eyes onto head under ears.

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks!

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