Breast Cancer False Breast

For the knitted version of this pattern, please visit:

Also, a great group to get involved with:

With a G Hook and Worsted weight yarn:

Note: At the end of each round, join with a sl st to first sc and ch 1.

1. Sc 6 in magic loop.
2. sc around
3. In flo, 2 sc in ea around
4. (sc, 2 sc) around
5. (sc 2, 2 sc) around
6. (sc 3, 2 sc) around
7. sc around
8. (sc 4, 2 sc) around
9. (sc 5, 2 sc) around
10. (sc 6, 2 sc) around
11. (sc 7, 2 sc) around
12-14. sc around
15. In BLO, (sc 7, dec) around
16. (sc 6, dec) around
17. (sc 5, dec) around
18. (sc 4, dec) around
19. (sc 3, dec) around
20. (sc 2, dec) around
21. (sc, dec) around. Stuff.
22. dec around. Fasten off, leaving long tail.

Sew long tail through remaining loops. With same long tail, sew through both pieces loosely so that the back is slightly concave.

Makes approximately a A cup. Add increase rows and rows between 12 and 14 to make larger cup sizes.

Feel free to add whatever decorations you like. I pierced mine. :)


sc – single crochet

ch – chain

flo – front loop only

blo – back loop only

dec – draw loop in each of next 2 stitches, yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook

Magic loop – See here :

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks!

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83 thoughts on “Breast Cancer False Breast

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  2. This is the most wonderful idea I have ever seen! Will definitely be making some of these! Could you give me an idea of where to begin the increase and about how many inc/round for a B, C, D? Thanks so much! Oh, yeah…love the piercing!

    • Well, thanks! I really don’t have a set way of making larger cup sized poieces; just continue adding increase rows until you have something you like the size of. If you’re making a pair, make sure you note how many additional rows you’ve made. I’m really glad you like the pattern!

      • I haven’t been crocheting that long and am confused by the directions. What does sc, 2 sc around and 2 sc, 2 sc around mean? Thanks for your help. Would like to make these if I knew how.

      • I’m sorry for your confusion. If the row specifies sc 2, 2 sc around, you do a singe crochet in each of the next 2 stitches, and make 2 sc in the next stitch. Repeat in this way until you get back to the beginning of the round.

        Make a bit more sense, now? I went back in and added parentheses, which I thought would likely help. :)

        Happy hooking,


  3. Oh my gosh…I just found your instructions via The Knitting Experience Cafe…I’m so on this one! I’m not dealing with the disease, but I certainly support women who are. I have a good friend that I will be making a pair for, then I’ll be talking to local hospitals to see if they have heard of this. I’m knitting challenged, but have crochet down, and, oh… the visions running through my head! Thanks so much for the pattern! One thought for how to determine how to make larger sizes, I googled “bra cup sizes” and it seems that cup sizes go up an inch per letter…if this boob is an A cup, add an inch and you have a B, 2 inches and you have a C and so on…thanks again for the pattern!

  4. WOW ….Love it. I made one right away but I made a size C-D I followed all directions until rows 12 -14. I kept increasing. So at end of row 14 I had 10 sc, 2sc.
    row 15 I did sc around
    row 16 BLO, sc 10, dec around
    row 17 sc 9, dec around
    so on.. I then kept following given directons.. but of course rows #s of what row you are on is differen’t because you have now increased more than given directions. Oh ya I also did first few beginning rows with darker brown then rest of my tan boob. It looks so real! Thanks so much for this pattern. I hope this helps others wanting bigger size. Don’t forget you can change size yarn from maybe worsted weight to something else to make different sizes… Have fun with it! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.. My mom is gonna love her new boob. Cancer free 5 years now. : )

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  6. i am going to try one. my mom has 4th stage breast cancer, but her one remaining breast is huge. i am not sure how to know how big to make it…thanks

    • Could you quantify “huge” in a cup size?

      Please see the other comments to this post as to sizing differences. Hopefully this will help you. :)

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!



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  8. Thanks so much HAPPY HOOKER for making this boobie pattern for all of us that are knitting challanged…Also love your name. My husband is in early to early-moderate stage Alzheimer’s and has been able to learn to knit on the looms. He calls himself and all the ladies at our knit group THE HAPPY HOOKERS.

  9. Hi all, love this easy pattern, but have a quick question. I’m decreasing and the instructions say-sc 7, dec around. So do I sc7, dec 1, repeat? Are all the decreases done through the back loop? Thanks!

    • It would be sc 7, dec, repeat all the way around. I do all of my decreases in the front loop unless otherwise specified. This technique is called the invisible decrease. I’m glad you like the pattern. Thanks!

      • Thanks! I saw BLO and assumed back loop. So only in row 15 do you sc7 in back loop, everything else going forward is in front loop?

      • The stitches in that row are all done in back loops only because it makes a clean turned edge. For all rows: If specified in BLO (back loop only) do it that way. All other stitches are worked in both loops. I do my decreases in front loop only because I like the way it looks better.

        Hope this helps. :)

  10. I am currently battling breast cancer. I just had a mastectomy a week ago. I was given a link to knit a tata but my aunt only crochets so these directions will be great.

    I LOVE my knitted one. It’s the best. I think I’m going to learn how to knit and/or crochet them and then donate them.

    Thanks for the directions.

  11. I am so happy to have found your pattern :) The nurses at the Mamography Center here at my local hospital have been after me to make some of these for their patients. I like the knit ones, but my hands do not allow me to knit. I am an advid crocheter, but funny as that is, I still need a pattern :) I have been looking for months. I am happy to have found your pattern as I know the gals at the hospital will be also :) I’ll let you know what they think!

  12. I meant to ask you, what kind of yarn do you find works best with this pattern as far as softness without leaving lint or fragments on the skin to cause irritation? Also, what would you or any of your ‘followers’ suggest to use to lightly stuff these? Thanks so much, you are truly appreciated :)

  13. I have had good luck with bamboo and microfiber yarns; they are not scratchy at all. I buy a bunch when I see a sale. I stuff mine with bamboo fiberfill; it’s naturally anti-bacterial and non-irritating.

  14. I just sent 20 of these I had made in assorted sizes to a nurse friend who works for an onccologist. I’ll let you know what they think .:)

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  16. For those who aren’t sure what size to make — if it’s for a loved one I imagine you could use one of their bras and make it to fit! Just a thought! :-)

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  18. Hi I wonder how to do the crochet and should I find the local vendors?? I am fromMalaysia and I always love handcrafts. I find the idea of knitting free false breast a wonderful gift to contribute to cancer patient.

    Wendy Phang

  19. Wendy,
    I made around 25 of these. Here’s a tip I found…increase to 7 sc’s and its makes an A cup….inrease to 9 sc’s and it makes a B cup…increase to 11sc’s and it makes a C cup. This is using a 3 ply yarn and a F hook. I have been usuing Joane fabrics ‘Cuddle’ yarn. It is very soft and smooth. One skien will produce around 5-6 (or more) size B boobies. I like the pink for lighter skinned indiviuals and the chocolate for darker skinned individuals. My friend took all of them for me to her cancer doctor last week. She hugged and thanked her for them. I know they will go to many women who will appreciate them. It has been a real joy for me to make them knowing I have contributed to so many needing women. Thank you so very much for sharing this idea and especially the pattern.


  20. Thanks so much for this wonderful idea. Living in the South during our long, humid summers, I’ve come to despise my left-breast, silicone prosthesis which goes inside my 38C bra. I’d love to be small on the other side so I could go without a bra but that’s out of the question being so big on one side. This sounds like a great solution for comfort. But, I have to wonder about the weight balance. I think my prosthesis weighs about 2 pounds in order to balance with my remaining breast and keep the bra from dipping on one side. So my questions is, how do you achieve balance on the crochet side?

  21. I have crocheted for a long time, but I don’t understand the following abbreviations: flo and BLO in this pattern. I would like to crochet different cup sizes and donate to our local hospital in Puyallup WA. or to any organization you could suggest.

    • FLO and BLO mean “front loop only” and “back loop only.” I think it would be great to make these in various cup sizes! Just skim back through the comments; there are some great suggestions on how to do just that.

      Happy hooking,


  22. I am so excited to find this pattern. If you don’t mind I would like to share it with several blogs & BC websites.

    I had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation, then developed lymphodemia in my right arm, but God has healed that… Thank You Lord. My surgery was 18 months ago. I purchased a temperary boob and soft sports bra right after my surgery. I opted not to have reconstruction because it would mean more surgery and does not replace my breast and can not match what 57 years of gravity has done to my remaining one. :D

    After healing completely I purchased an expensive, realistic prothesis and pocket bra… I am a DD cup but the prothesis is so heavy and hot (I live in SW Louisiana) that I had to quit wearing it and go back to the lighter foam one. The problem with it… It crawls around, even in the special pocket bras, so I look out of wack all the time. It is still hot to wear all day and it is beginning to look pretty batter up… I also have to hunt for it all the time, because I take it off as soon as I walk in the door, like kicking off your shoes… LOL

    With this idea, I can make several, dark colors to wear with dark bras… make it to fit my “vacancy”, and use soft 100% cotton so it is cooler. My expensive prothesis came with a “cool pack” that you can keep refrigerated and velcros to the back… I can make it work on my new “custom made Just For Me” crocheted boob!!!

    I can’t wait to work on this. Thank you so much for sharing, from all of us in the boobless battle! God Bless you and yours.

    • Peggy, people like yourself humble and continue to inspire me. Please, feel free to share the pattern and any finished product with anyone you’d like.

      I’m so happy to have been of some use to you and survivors like you.

      Happy hooking!


  23. I just found your site and I am thrilled. I am so tired of going through life “out of balance”. I have crocheted minimally in the past. Do you think this is easy enough for a beginner? Thanks to everyone for sharing thoughts and results. Most of all thank you happy hooker.

    • As long as you can do a single, a chain, and and increase and decrease, you should have no problem with this pattern.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thank you so much!

      Happy hooking,


  24. I just heard of this from a friend who saw the news cast on KOMO TV News. I am a double mastectomy – stage two survivor of six years. I have custom made prostheses. I love them but have to admit that there are times they get hot! My problem is – I don’t have one side to “anchor” with, so my “Ladies”s tend to rise up on ocasion! How do you weight these down so they don’t move up or around on my chest! I am learning to crochet just so I can make some for my self! When I have mastered them then I will gladly make some to share with other survivors. Thank you so much.

    • The best way I’ve found to weigh them down is to use polyfill or small rocks. I’ve heard of people using “wishing stones” or “worry stones” as a kind of good luck and well wishes thing to weigh them. Thanks so much!

      Happy hooking,


  25. Hello, I saw these on the TV and wanted to find the crochet pattern. I was determined this morning to find one. I was so happy to find this pattern. I crochet but don’t knit. I have purchased the Knifty knitter loom but have not tried it out yet If you hear of a pattern for the knifty knitter also please let me know.

    I am in a apartment complex and think I might talk to some of the ladies to see if they would like to get together and make the crochet ones and I also found the knit ones for anyone I might find that knits.

    I am a survivor and plan to make a crochet one for my right because the one I was given is so uncomfortable. I cannot wait to go shopping to get supplies and start mine. I think it is great that there are people that can create patterns for things that are needed. I thank you very much. I am a survivor since August 2009.

    From One Surviror to Another Keep Fighting the Good Fight. And this will be a way I can give back in a little way.


  26. Hi! I am a breast cancer survivor, double mastectomy, and would love to order a pair of these knitted boobies…the regular prosthesis are so heavy and uncomfortable that I only wear mine when going to special occasions when my clothing must fit well.
    I could not find a website for purchasing these and I do not know how the knit.
    Thank you,
    I live in West Hollywood, CA which is part of Los Angeles area.

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    • Hi, I would like to find out how to get the patterns for knit and crochet boobJerrineies as my sister-in-law is having surgery in Oct. Thanks for your help. Also is there a group in the Edmonds, Wa area?? Jerrine

      • We are knitting in Bellingham, Washington supplying the Whatcom and Skagit county doctors offices. We have developed a simplified knitting pattern that is made in one piece and is lovely. The pattern is on our facebook page, knittedknockers. We can be contacted at too. I had a mastectomy in July and mine made a HUGE difference in my outlook.

  28. Thank you for your answer. Have made over 60 so far in many sizes. I was part of the KOMO4 interview. Have rewritten your pattern to make it easier for beginning crocheters. Love it.

    • Thanks! I feel honored that you like the pattern well enough to make 60 of them!

      I am so pleased that you and people like you are making such a difference in the world.

      Happy hooking,


    • How do I get ahold of Craftylady to see what her pattern is like. I too am confused about the leaving a long tail and sew thru both pieces. What both pieces? Thank you Jerrine

  29. I am so happy to find that you put instructions to crochet boobs , I dont knit because it takes two hands to knit, i tought myself to crochet and drive hpme from work. My husband was termal and wonted an afgain made for him. not knowing how long he would be with me I started. well I finished it and God let me have him for 8 more years,so I plan to croche all colors for my best 2 friends that have brest cancer.

    Thank You

  30. This makes me very happy. I am scheduled for a mastectomy tomorrow and am scared to death. I love to crochet, and this will be a great recovery project and help my outlook incredibly! God Bless!

  31. Even though I am an experienced crocheter, I’m having difficulty with this pattern. I can see it increases much like a standard hat BUT I have the issue with there being “holes” all over it where the one in the picture looks relatively smooth (can’t see the stuffing in between – you’d definitely see the stuffing in mine). Do I flo the entire thing because if I do that, the holes are even bigger than when I go through both loops.

    Help :(

    • Hmmm…..I don’t know. Don’t do the whole thing in flo, but I’m not sure how to fix this for you. You might try a smaller hook, adding increase rows and length to make the same size finished piece. You also may be over-stuffing.

      I hope this helps.


  32. happyhooker…help….I made the boob and it looks good. My question is about the opening on the back where the stuffing can be adjusted for fitting the individual. Are the crocheted boobs designed to be closed before being given to the breast patient or left open. The opening that is left after the final row is crocketed (dec’s), the hole is to small to adjust the filling or add a peeble for weight. Should I just make the opening with a draw string so they can open the boob, add or remove some of the filling, then close up the opening by pulling a draw string. This is my first attempt at doing these.

    Also, on the increasing sizes. She said increase sc 7 to 9 for a size B. Is she referring to row 11. Is that the only row we have to adjust. And row 15 on the dec rows. I definitely plan to make more and donate. Just want to understand this part first. I am a breast cancer survivor and wear a prosth’s. I will make one of these to wear in my bathing suit, the chlorine in the swimming pool is rough on the silicone. Over time my first one began to weep fluid.

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  34. I make them to be worn just in the bra. The doll beads or stones are generally enough weight to hold it down..or so I hear. I do have someone that we are making a washable yarn for her swimsuit so we can just sew it into the suit.

  35. I just now found this site it ia so amazing. I am not sure I understand the dec. section. Also if it is at all possible could you show the back of one after i one is finished. Thank you

  36. Great and simple pattern. Thankyou, i’ve been wondering where to find a pattern like this since my anti natal breastfeeding class about a year ago. Thanks again :)

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  38. I have just crocheted one of your boobs for my niece who just had a mastectomy but am having problems in putting a nipple on it? Do you have any suggestions? The pattern was very easy.

  39. thank you so much for the pattern. Had a double mastectomy 2 days ago and really find this very therapeutic to be making these little gems- better than pain meds. Will definetely be making these not only for myself, but for other survivors.

  40. I live in Newnan, Ga where the new cancer hospital is. I will check to see if I can crochet some to donate to women who lost their breast due to cancer.

  41. Thankyou for this pattern! I don’t have (or have had) breast cancer, but I do have the ‘fun’ of being incredibly lopsided. I’ve never liked paying upwards of 200 bucks just because one failed to grow haha, especially when they’re made out of horrible plastics.. And these are so cute! :D

  42. Reblogged this on Craft, Game, Cram and commented:
    This is a wonderful thing – for fun, for those women who have dealt with having breast cancer (or preventative mastectomies) or for those among us who have only had leftie or rightie grow to it’s full potential. (looking at you, leftie… -.-)

    anyway, go forth and boobify!

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