Corn on the Cob Amigurumi

G Hook

Cotton yarn in Yellow, Green



SC – single crochet

INC – 2 sc in same stitch

DEC – Work decrease over next 2 stitches in front loop for invisible decrease

CH – chain

SL ST – slip stitch

Note: Join each row with slip stitch. Do not work in spiral.

With Yellow, Ch 2

R1: Sc 4 in 2nd ch from hook. (4)

R2: (Sc, inc) around. (6)

R3: (Sc, inc) around. (9)

R4: Sc around (9)

R5: (Sc, inc) around (12)

R6: Sc around

R7: (Sc, inc) around (18)

R8-10: Sc around

Switch to Green.

R11: Working in Back Loops Only, sc around.

R12-17: Working in both loops, sc around. Stuff.

R18: (Sc, dec) around (12)

R19: (Sc, dec) around (9)

R20: (Sc, dec) around (6)

R21: (Sc, dec) around (4)

Fasten off.

R1: Attach green yarn in any front loop of R11. Sc 15.Turn. Ch 1.

R2: Sc across. Turn. Ch 1.

R3: Dec, sc to last 2, dec. Turn, ch 1.

Rep R2 & R3 twice more. Rep R2 once more. You should have 9 stitches at the end of this row. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks!

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