Superhero Logo Charts

All panels are 50 x 50.


~The Green Lantern




~Dead Pool

~Captain America

~Wonder Woman

~The Flash

~Iron Man


~Marvel Comics

~DC Logo

~The X-Men

~The Fantastic Four

~The Incredible Hulk

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks! Note: I have no affiliation with Marvel or DC.

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100 thoughts on “Superhero Logo Charts

  1. My boyfriend loves you. I guess I love you too. lol. Thanks for all the superhero patterns!!! You’re awesome. I’m gonna make my blanket now!!!!

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  3. Love it thank you very much I have never used graphs but I guess i will have to try :) How do I use them for a blanket????

  4. Hi, I am so excited at finding your charts and am planning on doing the Superman and Batman patterns as afghans for Christmas presents. I understand to single crochet I follow the chart from the bottom and the right to left, then the next row from left to right…correct? What I really need to know is how do I know how much yarn of each color to buy if I want about a 60″ width afghan? Also, would each square on the graph be one stitch, three stitches, or what?! I don’t know how to figure this out. Thanks in advance for your much needed help. Debi Z

  5. you can do tapestry crochet, or cross stitching check on you tube: how to flat tapestry crochet should show how it’s not hard I just taught myself using diagrams I’ve made a heart and a mushroom off mario I’m on the look out for more ideas :) start with a two color project it’s a lot easier when your just starting

  6. You have just made my night!! I had lost my batman pattern and was all ready to start crocheting. For those interested, I am going to be making the pattern with granny squares. One granny = one square on the pattern. Nice and easy!

    • So.. I’m wanting to make the superman pattern.. I’m new to this. I’m learning granny squares right now.. How big should I make my granny squares since the superman pattern (above) has 50 squares across and 50 going down?

      Thank you. I am loving this new experience

      • I would actually make them either 1″ or 2″ to a side. 1″ will make a blanket just over 4′ to a side, and 2″ would make one twice that size.

        Glad you like it!


  7. I am so thankul for your charts! I wanted to make afgans for my daughter and her boyfriend this year. However, I couldn’t find anything with directions for crocheting a batman logo afghan. So happy to have found you and so thankful for your talent. I’ve also wanted to learn how to do the tapestry crochet but was overwhelmed. Now that I see you taught yourself, I’m going to check it out on youtube! Thank you so much~ And Rachel, up above, you are a very brave soul! I commend you and thank you for you insight on how to convert the graph into granny’s. I love grannysquares.

  8. I have never done anything like this before and I decided to start with the superman. Thank you for this! but it gets confusing with 4 different colors! lol.

  9. Love these patterns! Thank you for sharing them with us. How can I do an Afghan with the Superman and Batman Patterns?
    My nieces love both heroes. Thank you…

  10. Hi everyone! I have never done a graph before and was wondering if you could explain it to me?! I would love to make some of these as Christmas presents! I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!!

    • I don’t know what craft you plan to do with the chart, but here’s a post I did on chart reading and tapestry crochet : Hope this helps! ~ Jess

      • Thank you!! This helps and I am doing Spiderman and captain America my nephews are crazy over them!

  11. Thank you so much for share these patterns!! Going to make a blanket for my nephew! What software did you use to make the charts with??

  12. Hi, Ty vm for making these available to us. I do have a question. I would like the size of mine to be a little bigger than 50 x 50, is it possible for me to increase the size, maybe 75x 75? My blanket will be 160 square.

  13. I have another question. I was wondering how to double the size to 100x 100, and I read this….(2) It doubles the size if you do 4 sc for every square of the graph (2 sc for each square then repeat the row) . So, if I do 2 rows instwad of 1, and 2 stitches for each block, the graph will double and th4e symbol will look the same.?

  14. I ended up designing a Nightwing square based on your 50×50 design. I can’t wait to finish some of your other superhero squares for the superhero blanket I’m making. You’ve revitalized my excitement about this project!

  15. Oh, what program did you use to write up your charts? I wrote mine out on some paper and it seems like a computer program would be SO much easier…


    God Bless,


    • Not a dumb question at all! If you want a bigger afghan, you could do four stitches for each one on the chart (2 stitches wide by 2 rows tall) but that will make the design a little blocker looking. You could also add more squares. I’ve done two other superhero chart posts. Hope this answered your question!

      • Yes, adding the four stitches will do. Thank you for responding so quickly and for posting all of these charts, they are all awesome!

  16. Thanks so much, my daughter loves Batman and I want to do a small blanket to help decorate their apartment lounge. I’ve never done a project like this but hopefully will be able to muddle through with your How To link for tapestry work :)

  17. Great Charts. I will be making a blanket for my grandson using one of the patterns. I have never thought about using the Excel program to make my own charts. I will definately use it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I would like to do the superman logo as a patch on a child’s hat. How would I reduce it. Also, should I do it as a square with the logo inside or only follow the pattern pertaining to the actual logo itself. Appreciate any help. I have never done the tapestry crochet before.

      • I absolutely LOVEEE your Patterns! :-D

        However, I am confused. If I want to make the blanket 100 x 100 how many sc would equal one Square? Would I make 2 sc per square? ;-)

        What size afghan would you recommend for my 4 & 5 Year olds?

        Also, Did you use the Tapestery crochet method?

        Thanks so much♥

      • Thanks! If you wanted to make a 100 x 100 out of one of the logos, 2 sc per square would work. Just do 2 stitches wide and 2 rows tall per square.

        Twin size would be 150 x 200. It’s a good throw size. 100 x 100 would be a good baby blanket size.

        Yes, I used tapestry for these charts. I also used intarsia for the squares with more than 2 colors.



  19. If anyone is interested, I just wanted to share that I wanted a bigger blanket but did not want a blockish looking design. I used the batman design and crocheted 3sc for each block across though only doubled the number of rows (2rows for each square). The design is perfectly proportioned. Hope that helps!

      • Your welcome Patricia. Just thought I would also add that the blanket was 150×100 which I thought was a nice compromise between the baby blanket size and the twin size and it is for my 4 year old.

  20. I was wondering how I can get the actual pattern for the super hero afgahns? I was also wanting to know if this is for crocheting? The patterns I was wanting was for the hulk and iron man. Thanks for your help.

    • You can use the same charts for knitting. You can purl for the color changes, or use stranded knitting to carry the yarn across the back. For something with only 2 colors, knit/purl would work, but not with something with more.

      Hope this help.


  21. Hi, I’m not sure how to read graph patterns, but I love these so much, I have to make one!
    How can I make the blanket bigger than the graph? And how many stitches are in each graph box?

    • Each square on the graph is one stitch. You can add extra background stitches to each side of the chart to make it bigger or you can have each square on the chart stand for four stitches: two stitches wide by two rows tall. Either way will make a bigger chart. :) Hope this helps. ~Jess

  22. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! My friend is turning 50 this year and he is SOOO going to LOVE his own
    Superhero blanket I plan on making him with your charts! You have made two people VERY happy!
    Thanks again ☺️

  23. I have a graph crocheted pattern that someone did for me but I am having trouble seeing the squares. I need it so I can read it better, I like how yours are readable and the lines are darker. Any suggestions on how to fix this pattern. Thanks

    • The only suggestion I would have is to take a piece of graph paper with the same size grid as the chart you have and over lay it onto the pattern using either a light box or taping the two to a window. I would put the graph paper behind the pattern and shine the light through it so you can trace the lines onto the pattern. Hope this helps.

  24. Thank you for the wonderful charts, I’m using some of them to crochet an afghan for my son. Can I ask you how you make your graphs? I have found three logos that I want to add to my afghan, but have no chart to follow, so I have been trying to find out a to create a graph for them. Can you help? Thank you.

    • Thanks! I make my charts by just free handing the logo in Excel. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, I recommend It’s a great, free online service that will turn a picture into a customizable cross stitch pattern that can then be used for crocheting. Hope that helps! -Jess

  25. Thanks for these superhero charts, I have just been out to buy the wool to knit my two grandsons a jumper each for xmas, one is batman and the other is captain america x

  26. I was wondering, what size hook would anyone suggest using, and what yarn?
    I am trying to make a Captain America blanket, about 72 by 72 with maybe Lion’s brand Homespun?

    • I would not recommend using Homespun for charted work. The textured nature of the yarn doesn’t really work to make the pattern visible. If you use regular worsted, I would use anything from an F to an I, depending on the gauge you use.

      • Say I want it at 70 by 70, would an I hook and regular worsted weight do it? Or would I still have to to more sc for each square. I am new to charts and blanket making! Thank you for helping me

      • Actually, since the chart is already 50 x 50, I would add ten rows to each side, rather than doubling any stitches in the pattern.

  27. Please help my son wants this badly. Are,the stitches sc or dc? And how many are in a box?like if I want to do a 75x 75 afghan how many chains do I make at first to start the blanket ? I’m so confused.

    • When I did it, I used sc. Each box is one stitch, so if you want a 75 x 75 blanket, I would add rows to the top, bottom, and both sides, rather than expanding the chart itself. If you are crocheting this, make 76 chains to do an sc blanket. Hope this helps.

    • It’ll distort the shape of the logos. If you use dc, I’d make each box on the chart two stitches wide instead of one to keep the shape.

      • Im so sorry to bother you. But when you mean 2 stitches wide what do you mean? lol Im trying to get it right the first time cause I dont want to have to take it apart and start all over again…lol

      • No worries. I mean that each square on the chart would be two dcs wide (do two dc stitches for each box on the chart). Hope that makes sense

  28. Makes sense but I think Im going to follow your way 50×50 and just add rows around it to make it bigger…What size hook is good to use? And by they way thank you for responding. Not many people respond as quick as you do.

  29. When you say 2 sc crochet for ever box. That means for every box count 2? Cause that would be 100 sc if im correct? And what do you also mean by 2 stitches wide? I had to restart the blanket…lol

    • Melissa, normally, every box in a chart is one stitch. If you are going to use DC for the stitches, you should make each box be two stitches wide by one tall so it looks right. If you use DC, the piece should be 100 wide by 50 tall. Hope that helps.

  30. When I do charts with Tunisian, I work the charts from left to right in the same way I would work a chart for tapestry (as I’m left handed; if you’re right handed, you’d read the chart the other way), using one box for each stitch. For these, I would use the intarsia technique, using one strand or bobbin of each color for each section of that color on the chart. If you do this in Tunisian, make sure you twist the yarns as you change color to prevent holes in your final piece. Hope this makes sense.

  31. Thank you so much for this. All of my kids love comics, & I was looking for something like this to create some crochet projects for them. I love this. Do you know where I could find some of the villains as well? Thanks again.

    • Thanks! I would do a Google search for “cross stitch” or knitting charts with the name of the specific characters. Hope that helps.

  32. Hi! Thanks so much for your pattern… I have a question though, as some of the comments where leaving me wondering… I have a ton of blue granny squares already made. And instead of just doing red blow checkered, I decided to look for a pattern! My squares are about 4″x4″ .. Which to me seemed really small. . .if I use them, is that going to make this blanket crazy big. In other comments I see the “squares” in your pattern represent a stitch, not a square. So can I work with it. This blanket is for a child, so he obviously doesnt need a kind. Sized blanket! Im wondering if the route im going is just going to be too much! Thanks for your help!

    • Hi! In my charts, each box represents one stitch. You can, however, use a granny square for each box instead. Each chart is 50 x 50, so if you used 4 x 4 granny squares, it would be 200″ to a side or over 16′. If you were to use those grannies, you might consider only doing the actual design and not the background (ie, just the Superman ‘S,’ not the blue in the back.)

      Hope this makes sense to you.

  33. if I would like to make these in a twin sized blanket how would I change the charting? I am a little confused, is each one 50″x50″ or 50 stitches. is each block a stitch?

    • Each square is one stitch. I would add rows to the top, bottom, and sides to make the blanket bigger, and not alter the chart itself.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing your graphs. I am New to the process of working graphgan. I will make these for my grandchildren.
    Thanks again.

  35. Hi. I love the patterns my kids love them as well and wants me to make them some but cant tell how many squares of yellow and black of the batman one is there an easy way to find out? Thank you

  36. My son and daughter absolutely LOVE y’all… I am getting please..please. .please…. from them to make them each one! Off to the yarn store! Amazing job with these!

  37. Wanting to know how are you able to make these things because I would like to make some in what my kids like but cant seem to figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

  38. Hi, I love your patterns and will soon attempt the batman logo for my adult niece. I wish to make a larger blanket. I am used to making blankets using the continuous granny square stitch. Do you think I could follow this pattern by using a granny square stitch per box on your pattern instead of a sc per box? The granny square stitch I wanted to use would consist of three dc’s with one chain stitch in between them. By only placing one chain stitch in between each series of dc’s, I thought the pattern would still be visible because the holes in the blanket would be smaller. Do you think this will work? Thanks, Gail

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