Materials needed: G Hook, Acrylic yarn in tan, off white, red, burnt orange, and brown (I used Red Heart Buff Fleck, Aran, and Cherry Red, and Vanna’s Choice in Brick and Barley), Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or Yarn Needle


R1: With Tan Yarn. sc 8 into a magic loop. Join with sl st.

R2: Inc in ea sc around. Join with sl st.

R3: (Inc, sc) around. Join with sl st.

R4: (Inc, sc 2) around. Join with sl st.

R5: (Inc, sc 3) around. Join with sl st.

R6: (Inc, sc 4) around. Join with sl st.

R7: (Inc, sc 5) around. Join with sl st.

R8: (Inc, sc 6) around. Join with sl st.

R9: (Inc, sc 7) around. Join with sl st.

R10: (Inc, sc 8) around. Join with sl st.

R11: (Inc, sc 9) around. Join with sl st.

R12: (Inc, sc 10) around. Join with sl st.

R13: (Inc, sc 11) around. Join with sl st.

R14: (Inc, sc 12) around. Join with sl st. Fasten off.

Cheese: (Make 8)

R1: With Off-white yarn, ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, turn.

R2: Inc in first st, sc across, ch 1, turn.

R3-14: Rep R2. Fasten off after R14.

To attach cheese to crust:

With tan, sl st through the back loop of each “cheese” and both loops of the last row of the crust, adding each piece of cheese all the way around. Once this is completed, crab stitch (reverse sc) all the way around into the sl st row. Fasten off.

Pepperoni: (Make as many as you want; I made 12)

R1: With Burnt Orange, Ch 2, sc 6 into 2nd ch from hook. Do not join.

R2: Inc in ea sc around. Fasten off.

Sausage: (Make as many as you want; I made 7)

R1: With Brown, Ch 2, sc 6 into 2nd ch from hook. Do not join.

R2: Sc in ea sc around. Fasten off.


Cut 16 6-8″ lengths of red yarn. Hot glue or sew to the crust under the cheese sections.


Hot glue or sew each of the 8 sections of cheese down, overlapping each piece as you lay it down to create a “cut pizza” look. Hot glue or sew each pepperoni and sausage to the cheese section in whatever pattern looks good to you.

Voila! You have pizza!

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks!

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