Even More Superhero Charts

Each Chart is 50 x 50.


The Avengers


The Incredibles


The Silver Surfer



Captain America

Captain America -Revisited

Iron Man Chart

Iron Man – Revisited

Thor Chart

Thor – Revisted

The Flash

The Flash – Revisited

Hulk Chart

The Incredible Hulk – Revisited

Hawkeye Chart

Hawkeye – Revisited

Aquaman Chart


Green Lantern Chart

Green Lantern – Revisited

Fantastic 4 Chart

Fantastic 4 – Revisited

SpiderMan Chart

Spider-Man – Revisited

Dead Pool Revisit

Dead Pool – Revisited

Captain Marvel Logo

Captain Marvel

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks! Also, I have nothing to do with Marvel or DC or Pixar. These are just my homage to them.

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