Kaylee Frye Firefly Patches

Materials: Cotton cloth, Felt, Hoop, Scissors, Aleene’s Ok to Wash-It Glue, Washable Marker, Embroidery needle, Embroidery Floss in Red (for Heart patch), Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Yellow (for Flower patch)

Step 1: Place a piece of felt on a piece of cotton and fold over the cloth to cover the felt. The design will be stitched through both layers of cotton and the felt.

Step 2: Tighten the fabric into a hoop.

Step 3: Draw the design on the fabric with the marker. I free handed mine, but they should look something like this:





Step 4: Fill in the design with satin stitch. For the Flower, the inside petals are light blue, the outside are dark blue, and the center is yellow. The Heart is red.

Step 5: Cut out the design, leaving about an 1/8″ all the way around.

Step 6: Using dark blue for the flower and red for the heart, stitch all the way around the design, wrapping over the edge material.

Step 7: Put a thin coat of the glue on the back of the finished design to seal it.


Finished Flower Patch:


Reference Photo:Image

Finished Heart:


Reference Photo:


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