Find My Tribe

Hand Stitch

The ones that make me feel the most ME. The ones that lift me up and help me remember who I really am.

The ones that remind me a blip in the road is just that–a blip–not to mistake it for an earthquake. Even if it were to be an earthquake, they would be there with an earthquake emergency supply kit.

They are the ones–when I walk out of a room–they make me feel like a better person than when I walked in. They are the ones even if I don’t see ’em face-to-face as often as I’d like, I see ’em heart-to-heart. I love my tribe.

Today’s special knitting treat is Knitarin-Karin Hess‘s new design Pulswärmer Rosemarie–in both English and German–FREE ’til August 24th.  No coupon code needed.

For you Whovians, this is just what the Doctor’s ordered.  Scrappy Tardis Afghan crochet pattern…

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