An Ophidian Twist on a Leonine Heart

Let me begin by saying that my household is collectively a bunch of nerds (A herd of nerds? A gaggle of geeks?), and we love us some Harry Potter as well. My wife enjoys writing fan fiction, and one of her favorite non-canon pairings is Bellatrix and Hermione (Hot, smart, and evil. It’s awesome.) She asked me to design her a lapghan with an image embodying that relationship.

So I designed her this:


I used an H hook, Vanna’s Choice Dark Grey Heather for the Bellatrix side, Cranberry and Mustard for the Hermione side, and various acrylic greens for the background.

The link to the chart is here.

Please note: This pattern is free for your use. Please feel free to make as many as you want of the finished project. NOTE: I have no affiliation with the creator of Harry Potter or these characters. If you choose to sell your final product, please credit this site for the pattern. Please DO NOT SELL the pattern. Thanks!

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